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Visiting Tampa for Few Days? Use your time wisely! Renew your BLS Certification

Tampa has Awesome Activities to do throughout all hours of the day!

Have you been thinking about taking that BLS/CPR Course all year, but keep putting it off? Or is your Certification about to expire?

Hey! Take a few hours of your stay in Tampa and make it productive! Get Your BLS Certification Certification which is needed for Healthcare Providers.

We are conveniently located at 606 S. Boulevard 33606 in the heart of South Tampa (Hyde Park) Area. After you take your Class, you can casually walk to Hyde Park Village and check out the awesome variety of stores, restaurants or go to the movies.

So... When you return home You will have accomplished so much MORE by taking that requirement off of your to do list during your free time, and can feel like you killed two birds with one stone so to speak!

If you are in town for a few days and are looking to do something productive on your free time, something you need to do like re-certify or certify for BLS/CPR Training, call us today at: 813-650-7578! We can accommodate most schedules and we also have classes on the weekends… Make your stay in Tampa most rewarding by mixing FUN with EDUCATION!!!

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