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So many questions about CORONAVIRUS

The world is going through difficult times and we all are doing our best to contain the Coronavirus by staying home and keeping social distance. We all feel the uncertainty wondering when things are going to go back to normal. In reality, normal might not be the same again. For those of us who did not get sick, the most important thing to take away from this situation are the little things we've learned along the way and probably neglected in our lives due to being busy, like spending more time with our families, doing things we always wanted to do, cleaning, picking up, organizing and just taking life a little bit slower. Take this precious time as an opportunity to reflect on how you can keep doing some of the things you've experienced like spending more time with your kids and loved ones. That is where life's true meaning comes from.

If you have questions about the coronavirus, below I will share a link from the American Heart Association where you can find more answers on the matter. Stay safe. stay strong!

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