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Our Manikins Give You Feedback...

This is my unsolicited review of the Prestan Manikin products. Prestan Manikins are realistic to the touch unlike any other on the market; I think they're extremely lightweight in fact I heard that they are about half the weight of their nearest competitor. They do come in three skin tones an original light to medium or dark tone. It comes available with the required CPR rate monitor that the American Heart Association will be requiring in January 2018. They have realistic jaw thrust head movement they have realistic features including body contour, nipple line and bellybutton.  This is definitely a far cry from the original Rescue Annie Full size manikin used to teaching CPR in In the past. Our students are put to ease and feel more confident when getting feedback from the manikins while practicing, they really like it!.  I highly recommend that you give Prestan manikins a good look; they are cost-effective and provide all the nice features and feedback that is needed to adequately assess your students. Have fun with it! 

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