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Exercise can lower risk of heart disease

"Exercise and good nutrition are most important parts of keeping your body at a healthy weight and lowering risk of heart disease" it’s a common phrase we hear often from doctors, gym trainers, friends, and family.

For me Exercising is more than that, it helps me cope with the stresses of life, and allows me to channel negative energy and turn it into positive fuel, I enjoy it so munch being healthy and in a healthy weight is just an added benefit for me…. In general I am very active I run, Rollerblade go to the gym, and practice outdoor activities. I believe If you pick an exercise or an activity you enjoy to do then you will do it more often.

Rollerblading is by far one of my favorite hobbies to practice. Here I am sharing a video from Kacie Cleveland, a Pro athlete rollerblading, she is a mom and a wife and her strength and ability to Rollerblade long distance its truly inspiring. In this video she gives some tips on how rollerblading can help you target some parts of your body.

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