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How would I respond if there is an emergency situation within my Family?

I have heard stories about friends that have had emergencies with family members and have not known what to do. Being prepared for life will give someone you love more chances to survive…. Have you ever asked yourself: What would I do if there is a injury or medical emergency situation within my family? There are so many different scenarios when it comes to possible situations like: Heart Attack, Fainting, Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar, Stroke, and Seizures among others... The American Heart Association has an awesome combination course: Heartsaver ® CPR AED and First Aid. This course provides the knowledge and skills that may help save a life. It also offers the basics of first aid for the most common life-threatening emergencies; covering how to recognize them, how to call for help, and how to perform lifesaving skills.

Be Prepared by getting CPR Certified today and be able to act in an emergency!

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